Ocean Moving Company

Today we are increasingly confronted with the concepts of “moving”, “moving” or “moving company”. So what is moving? Why is it so popular? And what is the difference between a modern moving company and a transport company? What does each of them do? And which company is better to choose? Let’s look at these issues together. Moving companies are companies involved in office and apartment moving. Moreover, they organize transfers from A to Z, carefully think through and take into account all the details.

“Is that all?” You ask. Then for what do we give a new definition to what habitual transport companies have been successfully doing for many years? Indeed, in essence, both companies are doing the same thing – they transport things.

That is how it is. But they carry these things in different ways. On closer inspection, the functions of transport and moving companies have significant differences.

Transport companies

The transport company, already proceeding from its name, is engaged in everything that is somehow connected with transportation and transport. But this is, first of all, cargo transportation at various distances, rental of special vehicles, logistics, rigging and the ability to store different types of cargo in equipped warehouses. At the same time, moves within the city limits are also included in the list of transport company services, although they make up a small percentage of the total number of orders.

The asset of a good transport company includes both special vehicles and a permanent staff: drivers, managers, car repair workers, doctors who check drivers before the trip, etc.

Moving Companies

In this regard, a moving company is much more modest, since the main area of its activity is mainly moving. However, the movers also provide additional services: rigging, transportation of people and goods, transportation of pianos, grand pianos, safes, ATMs and other valuable things. It’s important that they bear full financial responsibility for the transported property. Although all these services are not their obligation, rather than a pleasant addition.

Today, professional moving companies are confidently conquering the US market, at times overcoming distrust from skeptical customers and proving their own need.

The asset of the moving company has its own transport equipped for transportation of various property, and first-class specialists in organizing apartment and office moves, as well as drivers, movers, riggers, managers, dispatchers and other narrow specialists.

Where is it more profitable to order an apartment or office move?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally. Making a choice can be helped by a call to the transport and moving company and communication with the manager, during which you will discuss all the details of your order and determine the cost. It happens that the transport company will offer a more budgetary option for moving, while the moving one will organize a turnkey move, thereby relieving you of many worries and hassles. However, be prepared to refuse: for the most part, transport companies are engaged in cargo transportation and are not sprayed on moving. In the long run, office and apartment relocations are not even their profile.


So what sign should we put between the transport and moving company: more, less or all the same? In view of the foregoing, we believe that today we can safely put an equal sign between these companies. At the same time, each professional moving company in its essence can be considered a transport company, while not every transport company can be called a moving company, since for the most part they are not involved in moving. However remember, that the choice is always yours!