Commercial moving

Office moving

No matter the size of your office, Ocean Moving can help you move promptly and efficiently. We specially pack and crate your computers to make sure nothing is damaged during the move. Our team takes extra care when moving your office to ensure everything arrives safely.We are also equipped to handle large machines such as the office copier. Once at your new location, we will help you set everything back up so your business can get back to work as soon as possible. Our team of professional office movers wants to ensure you don’t miss a beat when moving your office.

Commercial moving
Commercial moving

Assembly services

When it comes to moving an office, especially a big office space which has a lot of furniture, disassembling may be required. Often times items such as L-Shaped or G-Shaped desks with hutches have to be disassembled in order to provide safe relocation for these items. Moreover many offices have custom made conference desks and workstations which require complete disassembly as well.  

Ocean Moving has been moving offices in different parts of So-Cal and has enough knowledge to perform a quick and efficient assembly and disassembly service. Whether brand new furniture set for the office has to be put together or existing one needs to be taken apart and relocated to the new office space, our experienced teams of professional movers are ready to serve your needs.

Commercial moving

Labor only

Businesses can grow big or shrink in their size due to many factors. Because of these circumstances, the business owner may have to act fast which may force them to relocate their offices down the hall or 1 floor up. Due to the dimensions and awkward shape of commercial articles it’s nearly impossible to do relocations without experience and expertise. Ocean Moving has been working with many local offices helping to assist with different levels of tasks from simply moving the office space down to another unit on the same floor or helping to unload the pod and set up a new workspace for those who just about to start new project.

Packing and unpacking service

We know moving can be one of the most stressful events in our journey to adapt in life, but did you know there is something even more stressful than moving?

The packing and preparation of the office space for an upcoming relocation and then unpacking! It is time consuming, tedious, and a lot of work. Especially when moving big businesses and corporations which constantly gather and keep thousands of files and documents required for their employees. Packing an office demands concentration and great attention to detail while making sure that every box is labeled with its contents and signed what room it is being packed in.

Save yourself the stress and let our professional packers lend you a hand for all your packing needs. Once at your new location, we will place each box and piece of furniture exactly where you want it to go.

Commercial moving
Commercial moving

Furniture Delivery

Not too many stores are offering delivery of furniture from their warehouses when you only buy one or two pieces, especially if you don’t live within a certain radius of their coverage zone. Here at Ocean Moving we are offering direct pick up at any location, without your physical presence as well as pick up on our way to your new residence. Our trained personnel will stop by, sign the release form and deliver it right to your door. We will also help you to arrange new set up, assistance with removing an old piece of furniture and assembling the new one.

Storage Services

Here at Ocean Moving we realize how difficult  it is sometimes to move out and into a new residence within the same day, often moves are delayed because of a landlord or contractors taking longer than expected with planned work, so now everything is up in the air and you have nowhere to store your items. We are more than aware of this hassle and happy to offer two different ways of storing your goods.

The first and very popular option is a regular storage space which is provided all year around and almost always available upon request.

Secondly because of unforeseen circumstances such unable to start the moving process in the morning hours or the pick up location only allows to perform moving in the afternoon – we are offering an overnight storage service which means that your stuff will stay in the truck and will be unloaded upon next morning.

Commercial moving