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Anahita S.

Los Angeles, CA


161 friends

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This has been my favorite moving experience by far. No one likes to move, let’s face it. And the idea of packing and unpacking is frustrating enough to make some of us throw out half our stuff rather than bring it along to our new home.

Roman and his team assured me that they could pack, move, and unpack all my stuff in a few hours. I was in a rush trying to leave one apartment and move in to my new place all on the same day to avoid any fees from my ex landlord.

I’ve never seen people work so fast, safe, steady, and all the while communicating with each other about the next steps. They came in like a wrecking all and took with them all my anxiety about moving.

Tara Devine

Local Guide, Level 6


Roman and his assistant did a great job. Great pre-booking communication, fast reply to Yelp quote request and subsequent emails (generally within a few hours.)

The day of the move went equally well. They were fine with using some materials I provided and some special requests/instructions I had. They were patient with me while I identified different locations for some items at their destination.

They worked steadily, packed carefully, drove safely and didn’t damage anything.

Rates were comparable to other movers (there wasn’t a lot of variation in rates among the firms I contacted, other than that some firms wanted to send 2 movers and some wanted to send 3, and the hourly rate varied proportionally.) Roman tracked hours and billed accurately.


Wayne K.

Hacienda Heights, CA


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We had a great experience working with Roman and his colleague. We had a pretty small move but it was from Los Feliz to Hacienda Heights so the distance was far. Nonetheless, Roman gave us a really good quote and with all the great reviews on Yelp, we decided to go with him.

Roman was incredibly responsive by email and would reply almost within minutes. I’m guessing he’s constantly checking his phone if he’s not in the middle of a move, which is nice to know that he’s responsive to your needs.

When we did our move, he was early within our move time window and handled everything quickly and efficiently. We had a great experience with them and would definitely use them again.

Tom Panchenko

It has been a while since I completed the move and today had some time off to write a comment about my experience moving from Van Nuys to Glendale.

I found out about Ocean Movers from my friend who had moved with them twice in the past year. Booking was easy since my move fell on a weekday in the middle of the month and they were open both Monday and Wednesday.

Foreman gave me a call to let me know about 20 min before showing up at my pick up address, they came all prepared having sufficient amount of boxes that I requested along with 8 wardrobe boxes for clothing since I was helping to move my friends’ clothes as well.

The crew were very friendly, worked hard and efficient with no breaks except for a quick break for lunch.
They also took apart my bed at no extra cost and assembled it back, removed the TV mount and I am very thankful for that.

Neither damages nor dents of any kind done during the move to my furniture, as well as to apartment’s floors and walls.

All in all flawless experience with great feeling of satisfaction for a price I paid.

Will recommend to all my friends and colleagues for future moving inquiries.


Santa Monica, CA


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Ocean Moving was great; their service was outstanding, efficient, and reliable–all without costing an arm-and-a-leg. Our moving situation put Ocean into a bit of a tough spot, we needed our items to be picked up from a storage facility, stored two nights, and then delivered to our new apartment. They pulled it off magnificently.

The move from the storage facility onto their trucks should have been simple, and Roman estimated that the job would be about three hours (probably less, but there is a three hour minimum). It ended up taking more than three hours because Ocean had to re-pack items the prior moving company had negligently handled. Ocean didn’t charge for the extra time (about thirty minutes) and worked hard to make sure our items wouldn’t be damaged.

The move to our new apartment was even better. Roman and Paul arrived right on time and were extremely respectful of our belongings. Moving is inherently stressful, and finding good movers isn’t easy. Ocean Moving company’s prices are in the middle of the pack (this is definitely not something you should cheap out on!) but their service is absolutely top notch. I can’t recommend Ocean Moving highly enough–thanks guys!

Shahin Babali

Great moving experience!
Wow, these guys are amazing. We started the move at 8am sharp, and the team wasted no time. Roman, Alex, Alex, and Nikita are amazing hard working guys who jumped right into action. They’re moving truck was fully supplied with everything needed to move our entire apartment in record time!

In just under 2 hours we were able to wrap and move couches, 2 giant China cabinets, a big fridge, and fifty boxes of fragile China.
The guys took care to carefully but speedily wrap all our belongings and knew exactly where to put everything without need for direction.
Roman was super observant and helped me and my daughter put so much. We felt no stress or worry during the experience.

Truly happy with the whole move. But, the best part was upon arriving at my new apartment the guys jumped back into the moving mode without losing energy or focus. We got the furniture into my new place in an hour and a half. The guys helped me reinstall my electeonics, and bed frame. Which was a lot of work for one woman, they saved me so much time and effort.

The team even had the creativity and logic to move my giant fridge and large couches in the perfect positions.

Overall I have never been happier with a moving experience and I have the rest of my day to relax. I am so grateful for Roman and the guys.

Stacy K.



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These guys are the BEST! Talk about fast, efficient & on-time!! They helped us move from DTLA apartments which was located on a busy hill (long walk to the elevator) to Irvine apartments (took EVERYTHING UP STAIRS). They hustled the entire time and it cost the same or cheaper than other bigger companies with “more” reviews.

Thank you so much Roman, Nick & Phil!! You guys killed it!

Chiqui L.

San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA


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The team showed up on time and ready to work. The three movers took great care in prepping my furniture and boxes for transport. The foreman, Alex, made sure to communicate at each step of the process and to offer solutions to my packing issues. He has a great attitude and wonderful customer service. The team worked fast, efficiently, and conscientiously. I really appreciate their efforts to make my moving easier.

Great team, great supplies, lots of services, great price.

Tal O.

Los Angeles, CA


140 friends

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I found this moving company on yelp and they helped us to move our one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. These guys were very friendly and fast, secured all our belongings and provided an excellent service from the very beginning until the very end. Ask for Roman and Nick when you make reservation.

Will be using them again for my future moves.

Thanks guys.