Ocean Moving Company


1. Fold the bottom of the box.

2. Glue with tape along the seam – 3 times. 1 in the center and 2 with an offset by half the width of the adhesive tape to the right and left from the first.

3. Glue with adhesive tape across the seam 1 time (enough!)

4. Fill the box as tightly as possible so that its contents do not move freely inside.

5. After closing the box, glue the seam with adhesive tape 1-3 times (with offset) and across the seam 1 time, so that the ends of the adhesive tape overlap with the adhesive tape on the bottom of the box.

6. Apply the necessary marking.


1. The computer system unit (if size allows) fits into a large box in an upright position.

2. Cover the monitor with an air bubble film (in one layer), fix it with tape and put it in a box, pressing the screen against the flat side surface of the system unit.

3. Put the keyboard, mouse, computer speakers, wires, etc. in the same box. Mark accordingly.

4. The printer is packaged in a box (if size allows). If necessary, use bubble wrap.

5. Large “office” printers, copiers, etc. equipment are packed in 1 layer of air bubble film and on top in stretch film. The most fragile places to protect corrugated cardboard.


1. Pack the microwave oven in one layer of air bubble film, after having fixed the glass tray inside.

2. Pack large monitors and plasma televisions in 1 layer of air bubble film further into the corrugated cardboard.

3. The refrigerator. Free from food. Pull out or lock all loose parts inside. Pack in 1 layer of air bubble film, if necessary in a corrugated cardboard, then 1-2 layers of stretch film.

4. The washing machine. Drain, disconnect hoses. If possible, fasten the drum with fixing screws. Pack in 1 layer of air bubble film, then 1-2 layers of stretch film.


1. The table. Cover the worktop with stretch film in 2 layers. If necessary, parsing the table (narrow passages) of its part, wind the stretch film, if possible together. If the countertop is varnished, then a sheet of corrugated cardboard must first be applied to it. The ends are closed with a protective profile.

2. Wardrobe. Remove all loose parts. Roll the shelves separately with stretch wrap. Remove the door handles or twist them inward. Remove and pack the glass doors separately. Wrap a 2-layer stretch wrap film. Close unprotected varnished parts with corrugated cardboard.

3. Sofa, chair. If necessary, partially disassemble, remove the legs. Wrap the stretch film in 2-3 layers. For leather products, stretch film of high density is used.

5. Expensive furniture, head office. Such furniture requires a special approach. Cases, tables, leather sofas and chairs must be packed in 1-2 layers of air bubble film, corrugated cardboard, as well as the use of protective profiles and corners. Then everything is fixed with a stretch film.


1. Glass shelves, cabinet doors, mirrors, etc. Packed in 1 layer of bubble film, then in corrugated cardboard. If several glasses are packed together, then between them should be a layer of bubble film. Apply the appropriate marking “glass”.

2. Glassware, vases, fragile souvenirs, etc. are wrapped in 1, if necessary 2, layers of bubble wrap or wrapping paper and placed in small boxes. Apply the appropriate marking “glass”.

And remember everything that is packed by the hands of a professional should be packed securely, and beautifully. With minimal time and packaging material!