Ocean Moving Company

Office moving is an interesting but complicated task. You can solve this problem by yourself, but it is better, of course, to hire professionals. To organize an office move, you need some experience. An ordinary person does not always have it, even if he is an expert in his field.

The main difficulty of the office relocation is that it requires a clear organization. The better you plan the course of events and execute the plan, the faster you will move. And the faster you settle in a new place, the faster you will begin to work again. How should you organize an office move?

As we have already said, it all starts with planning. You need to think over and evaluate the entire scope of the upcoming “military operations” – what and in what order will have to be done, how long will the move take, how much force will be required. The amount of work depends on the size of your office. Let’s say you run a small web design studio or travel agency – 3-5 employees, the same number of jobs, one copier and a couple of cabinets. It is quite realistic to transport such a “work set” in one day, especially if a new place of work is nearby. Of course, if your employees are strong enough in body and spirit, you can independently load your property in a car, take it to a new place and place it there. But if your floor is working perfectly, it is better to call a team of movers.

If the number of your employees is more than five, it makes sense to think about the services of specialists. Ocean Moving Company has everything necessary for a successful move: special vehicles, loader crews, special transportation devices. But the most important thing is that Ocean Moving Company has a big experience in office moving and this is especially valuable!

If you contact a moving company, your move will begin with a call from a professional appraiser. He will determine the volume and cost of work, tell you how many movers and what kind of transport will be needed to move, when you can start working in a new place. During a conversation with the appraiser, you will jointly choose the most suitable time to move. In the case of an independent move, you will either have to miss a full-time job, or engage in cargo transportation on weekend. Ocean Moving Company can offer you a good alternative. We work on weekends and holidays.

But now you have drawn up a work plan, signed a contract … What goes next? Before moving you should prepare your things for it. To do this, the furniture must be disassembled, equipment and important documents – put in boxes. If you will move on your own, remember that boxes must be labeled. This is done so as not to confuse your property with a stranger, and the things of your colleagues – among themselves. You can simply indicate the surname and name of the owner of things on the box, but if the company is large, it is better to add the position and department (unit). You can also mark and individual pieces of furniture.

Office equipment is prepared for the move very carefully. Special packaging materials are used for this. Such packaging protects the equipment from possible damage along the way, dampens shock and vibration.

After packing, loading work begins. Depending on the items transported, loading may take a couple of hours or half a day. Ordinary tables, chairs and cabinets do not require either excessive effort or special transport equipment. But if you have specific equipment, you may need rigging services – in particular if you need to:

carry several heavy safes, ATMs, metal cabinets;
transport machine tools, hoists, other industrial equipment;
transport medical equipment (for example, a private clinic is moving).

Fragile, breakable equipment, such as glass display cases, requires special care. With light weight they require very careful handling. The same applies to computer equipment on which the work of your company depends – for example, servers. Therefore, as loaders we all want to see polite, neat and responsible people.

An office move of a large company can take several days. But everything should be planned correctly, then you can get to work as soon as possible!