Santa Monica

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Welcome to Santa Monica

Many people mistakenly think of Santa Monica as a part of Los Angeles. It is in L.A. County, but it’s actually a separate city bounded on all sides by neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Unless you notice the small signs on the city’s boundaries, however, you’d never know you’d entered a different community which is more than eight square miles in size and is home to nearly 100,000 people.

Santa Monica was incorporated as a town right after the Gold Rush, by an Easterner who envisioned it as a great commercial center of the Southwest. The two major features that attracted him, of course, were the area’s location on the Pacific Ocean and its proximity to fast-developing inland areas.

The Port of Los Angeles was not awarded to Santa Monica, and the city did not become a commercial center. However, its “Gold Coast” became a playground for celebrities and the rich, and the construction of the famed Santa Monica Pier drew huge crowds – just as it does today.

Modern and cosmopolitan Santa Monica boasts more than three miles of beautiful beaches with glistening water, attracting swimmers, surfers, bikers, runners and families. They’re all looking to enjoy the city’s year-round mild climate and 300 days of annual sunshine – which led National Geographic to name Santa Monica one of the world’s top ten beach cities in the world. The nine-story Pacific Wheel on Santa Monica Pier (the world’s first solar-powered ferris wheel) is a major attraction, too.

There’s more to Santa Monica than the beach. It is a haven for upscale shoppers and gourmets (particularly those who favor organic food), as well as celebrity-watchers and those who simply enjoy spending time in a gorgeous oceanside city with a nearly-ideal climate.