San Pedro Movers

If you need to visit hiking trails and sightseeing races, you should definitely visit San Pedro. Living in a calm and quite American style, exploring beautiful flora and fauna, enjoying the coast and beach of Cabrillo Beach, enjoying restaurants with sea and meat food… It’s a dream!

San Pedro is a calm town in southern California, a 30-minute drive from Los Angeles Airport. There is one direct road from LA here, with rare shops where you can buy everything from products to such simple things as covers for nokia. And this road will lead you exactly to the beautiful Cabrillo beach.

Ocean, sun, beach – everything is fine. By the way, Cabrillo Beach has a marine aquarium, which works all year round and will be interesting to visit both for children and adults. Moreover, there is a beautiful pier for fishing lovers.

The largest marina in California – the parking of private yachts is also located here. Calmness, delicious food, cheap hotels, an abundance of squirrels in the park and a wonderful beach – this is for what you will remember San Pedro, this beautiful and charming port of California.

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San Pedro used to be a separate city, but in 1909 it merged with Los Angeles. Today it is a part of a large international seaport. The once dominant fishing industry has turned the city into a major industrial area. San Pedro is very diverse ethnically. It has always been like a magnet for European immigrants, so today you can try the cuisines of different countries there. The city is considered to be the center of the Croatian and Norwegian settlers in Los Angeles, which were originally fishermen and sailors. The largest Italian- American community of California Also is concentrated here. And it has something about 50,000 Italians. Until 1942, San Pedro was characterized by active Japanese immigration. The Japanese settled mainly in the eastern part. They were the first to develop fisheries and paved the way for the creation of a powerful fishing industry in San Pedro. Today, around 86,000 people live in San Pedro. The diversity index is 63.

So if you are ready to feel part of this interesting and diverse city, Ocean Moving Company is always at your service!

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