Rancho Palos Verdes Movers

The Palos Verdes Ranch is a beautiful city in the Los Angeles County of Columbia, with its uniqueness as it sits on top of the hills and cliffs of the wonderful island of Palos Verdes. Palos Verdes Peninsula was opened in 1542 and for another three centuries it was inhabited only by the Tongva Indians. Tongva did not have a written language, but they had their own myths and knowledge of the world. They built houses and boats, hunt deer, squirrels and believed that dolphins swam around the earth, protecting the world. About 1700, the Spaniards began to populate the peninsula, trading with the Indians, and then gradually crowding them out. Many events flashed over the peninsula, including the war between Mexico and America, endless lawsuits over land ownership, until the last owners, the Sepulveda family, began to sell part of the land for building houses. When you drive past the Peninsula of Palos Verdes by car, it is very difficult to concentrate on the road, the look constantly slides to the surrounding beauties. Here you can fully enjoy the view of the Portuguese Point and the Point of Inspiration.

For most people it’s a dream to live there under these tiled roofs, over a cliff, just a few minutes from the ocean! The light breeze is cool in the hot summer days, damp and cold – in the winter, but it’s hard to believe, looking at the sunlit landscape. From Rocky Point you can see the small beach town of Redondo Beach. A couple of years ago, from this cliff, you could see the ship “Black Pearl”, as well as filmmakers, filming “Pirates of the Caribbean. Ocean Trails – Donald Tramp’s Golf Club – a true masterpiece of landscape design with an unfortunate 18th hole, which was swallowed by the Pacific Ocean and which then had to be restored. Golf enthusiasts can be proud that they play on the most expensive field, and other people just enjoy the views, the warm California sun, and if you’re lucky, with a flock of whales or dolphins, passing by. Beach, sand, gentle sea, surf, waves, bright sun – all this attracts you to plunge … But the water is very cold. Now, driving along a winding road following all the bends of the coast, it is difficult to believe that the first Spaniards, seeing this place called it green columns – Palos Verdes, because all the hills were covered with thickets.

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