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Disneyland, like its sister Disney theme parks, keeps growing bigger – and its host city of Anaheim keeps growing as well. Anaheim’s population increased by nearly 50% between 1990 and 2015, to reach more than 350,000. And Ocean Moving Company has been proud to serve many of those 100,000 new Anaheim residents, as well as businesses and families relocating elsewhere.

Our reputation as Anaheim’s premier movers is unparalleled, as you can tell by our perfect Yelp and Google rankings, or by asking our clients. Ocean Moving provides all-inclusive and efficient service; we show up on time, we take extreme caution when packing and loading your treasured belongings, and we deliver everything on time, on budget and intact. We’ll even supply the packing material and position everything exactly where you want it after unloading at your destination. Of course, you can do some of the work yourself, and in that case we’re available to assist with the jobs you’d rather not perform.

The secret to our Anaheim moving success? Our people. Ocean Moving Company only uses highly-trained, professional staff who are focused on treating your belongings, from start to finish, the same way they’d treat their own. Gently and carefully.

We mentioned that we’ll always be on budget, and here’s why that’s important. You may get quotes for your move which are lower than our very reasonable rates, but the old cliché is true: you get what you pay for. Those budget companies often hit you with extra fees and charges out of nowhere, once they have your goods on the truck; if you don’t pay up, good luck getting your stuff back. Those same companies are often known for using unsafe trucks and assigning inexperienced workers they’ve just hired to your job.

At Ocean Moving, we’ve built our business on professionalism and service. Your precious property won’t be lost or damaged by college kids hired by the hour, you won’t have to wonder about timetables or pricing – in fact, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our Anaheim movers will do it all, making your relocation smooth and easy.

Anaheim was originally founded in the mid-1800s by German-Americans, who came from San Francisco in search of a climate where they could grow wine grapes. A disease destroyed the entire wine crop 25 years later, though, and the rural city became home to a large citrus industry.

It remained an agrarian inland area until the arrival of Disneyland, which changed the entire nature of Anaheim. Hotels and other service industries arrived along with tourists, residential communities followed, and the city was transformed into a modern community rather than a farming one. Today, modern Anaheim is home to a number of industries, with office complexes and manufacturing plants sharing the city with residents, tourists, Mickey and his friends.

A large population and an enormous tourist base have led to the opening of many upscale restaurants, microbreweries and shops in Anaheim, and the Downtown Arts District and the Packing District feature a wide range of entertainment choices. But as a city of 350,000 that’s located right in the middle of Southern California, there are also regional attractions galore.

The city’s two pro sports teams, baseball’s Angels and hockey’s Ducks, are major draws as are concerts held at the team’s facilities, the Honda Center and Angels Stadium. And there are still callbacks to Anaheim’s roots, with regional parks filled with acres of trails, lakes, fields and playgrounds. It’s easy to understand why so many who live in Anaheim never even bother to head up to Los Angeles.

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