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Los Angeles – is one of the most favorite and interesting cities on our planet. It is situated in sunny California on the Western coast of the United States. Sometimes it is also called the City of Angels or La-La-Land. Los Angeles is a dream of millions of people. After all, the main thing is that the most daring desires and dreams come true here!

It was founded on September 4, 1781 by Spanish colonists on the Western Coast of the United States on coastal lowland bordering the Gulf of Santa Monica and surrounded in the east by the mountains of San Gabriel, Santa Monica and Santa Ana. Today, it is a modern American megalopolis with a population of about 17 million people and consists of dozens of smaller towns included in the single metropolitan area of Big Los Angeles.

The city of Angels is not just a city, but also the world’s largest cultural, scientific and educational center. Los Angeles has become famous because of oil, which was found here at the end of the 19th century. In those days, the typical landscape of L.A. was very different from today: among the palm trees and small houses stood tall oil derricks. You can meet them now, if you look carefully, but not in such quantities as it was before.

Modern Los Angeles is a huge agglomeration consisting of various small and dissimilar cities, which are a prototype of the city of the present and future in America. These cities make up together a huge megalopolis, the administration of which is not concentrated in the center, but distributed between the cities.

A distinctive feature of Los Angeles is the lack of the city center, in its generally accepted sense. Because the historical center – La Plaza – has lost its significance many years ago. And even Downtown is just a business district in a huge city, and not its central part.

Ocean Moving Company is pleased to provide services to those who already live or dream of moving to Los Angeles. We are a team of professionals, where everyone does his own thing. Our company is interested in the best result and understands that this is possible only thanks to a cohesive and focused work. If you want everything to turn out well, you need to approach the organization of moving with maximum responsibility.

Among our advantages, it can be noted that the cost is agreed in advance and does not change during the execution of work. Moreover, we work 24/7. Ocean Moving Company respects our customers, so you can choose any time convenient for you to make the move. We are financially responsible for your items under the contract. We always develop a moving project to save you time and money.

Los Angeles today is the world capital of tourism. It attracts lovers of music, cinema, artists and poets, surfers, parents with little children, party people and dreamers. The city of dreams La-La-Land offers everyone to try their luck not only in games, as you can easily do in a casino in Las Vegas in Nevada, but to catch a lot of luck in the Game of Life. The City of Angels gives you the opportunity to come and become someone (for example, the best actor, director, musician, screenwriter or writer).

It is curious that the concept of “American Dream” is associated with Los Angeles. Millions of residents of America and the world can observe of the city. And Hollywood shows these events in detail, filming everything on camera. And here, in addition to Silicon Valley near San Fran

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