Long Beach

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It’s particularly difficult to “move yourself” in or out of Long Beach because the city is often extremely crowded, creating huge traffic jams and making truck or van parking nearly impossible. We’ve been navigating the Long Beach landscape for many years, though, and can efficiently handle your move while saving you the headaches. And those aren’t the only headaches that Ocean Moving Company can prevent.

You won’t be slapped with extra, unexpected charges when our van arrives at your new Long Beach home or office; unlike bargain-basement movers, the price we quote is the price you pay – period. You won’t be heartbroken to find furniture or treasured valuables lost, damaged or broken, because our fully-insured, full-trained staff treats them like the important possessions they are.

Our professional staff takes care of everything: packing (and we’ll supply packing material), secure loading, safe and careful transport, unloading and positioning everything exactly where you want it to go. If you’d prefer to handle some aspects of the work, like packing, loading or unloading, even driving your own truck, Ocean Moving can handle any part of the job you need us for.

Your Long Beach move will be pain-free, reasonably-priced and a relief instead of a trauma. If you don’t believe us, just check our perfect Yelp and Google ratings or speak with the many Long Beach and L.A. County clients we’ve served over the years. We’re proud of our reputation and the work we do, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re as satisfied as the rest of our huge client base.

It’s not unusual for people to think of Long Beach as just “one of those cities” they pass when driving along the Southern California coast, or their destination when they want to visit the Queen Mary. But there’s a lot more to Long Beach than freeway signs and an enormous ocean liner (which has been turned into a fabulous museum, hotel and tourist attraction).

It all starts with 5½ miles of sandy beach, which sparked the city’s original development in the late 1800s and induced two different railroads to built lines terminating in Long Beach. In the early 20th century there was a huge building boom, including creation of a major port, which made the city the fastest-growing in America. Oil was discovered in the 1920s, which boosted the craze to develop Long Beach even more.

Everything changed in 1933 when a huge earthquake hit, ending the boom. Downtown was rebuilt in Art Deco style, and the container port emerged as the nation’s second busiest. Long Beach became a largely industrial and manufacturing center and remains so today, and is the seventh-largest city in California.

The neighborhoods of Long Beach are as diverse as Southern California, with ethnicities and cultures, rich and poor areas often varying block by block. Some sections of Long Beach are upscale and filled with terrific restaurants, wine bars and shops, others are dominated by countercultures, musicians and artists. And as in most big cities, some areas are seedier. Long Beach is much like most of urban America: a patchwork of neighborhoods, with something for everyone.