Do I fill out a reservation form right away or should I contact you first regarding your AVAILABILITY ON particular day?

Despite the fact that Ocean Moving has capacity to coordinate almost any move at any time, we always encourage you to get in touch with us either calling or sending an email regarding availability before submitting the reservation form.

How many Movers do I need?

In order for us to find out how many movers in your team should be needed to execute your move in a timely manner, we need to be provided with information such as: how many bedrooms you are moving, whether packing is required or not, if there are stairs at one or both locations, the walking distance to the designated loading and unloading parking area, the number of heavy items, etc.

Do I need a visual on-site estimate to get a quote?

For majority of the local move visual on-site estimate is not required to provide the customer with a quote and determine how many movers to assign. However if you are moving a 4 bedroom apartment, house or greater then we are going to need to at least see some pictures with the contents of each room or for you to schedule a visual estimate.

How long will it take to complete my move?

Due to the nature of the moving process it is very difficult to know the exact amount of hours for each move beforehand. Many factors can reduce or extend working hours to complete a particular move.

However based on our experience and years of work in the industry below you can see an average number of hours to complete your move, these numbers can still vary depends on circumstances.

  1. Studio (2 movers) – 3-5 hours (no packing, below than 10 miles from A to B)
  2. 1 Bedroom (2 movers) – 4-6 hours (no packing, below than 10 miles from A to B)
  3. 2 Bedroom (3 movers) – 4-7 hours (no packing, below than 10 miles from A to B)
  4. 3 Bedroom (4 movers) – 5-10 hours (no packing, below than 10 miles from A to B)

What is the Double Drive Time in California?

For all hourly moves in the State of California, moving companies are required to charge double drive time. The actual CPUC law is written as follows: ‘the time used shall be the total of loading, unloading and double the driving time from point of origin to point of destination.

More information you can read here http://training.movepoint.com/portfolio-item/california-double-drive-time-law

Do you have any hidden charges?

Ocean Moving does NOT have any hidden charges, and does NOT charge for things such as overtime, long-haul, stairs, assembly and disassembly, wardrobe boxes, fuel fees, taxes.

How much is an appropriate gratuity for my movers?

Our moving teams go above and beyond to execute every move damage-free and go the extra mile to please every customer. Despite the fact that tips are not mandatory, our movers get tipped almost always according to a local standards in every service-based industry such as restaurants, delivery, repair services and such in the amount of 15-20% of your total bill.

What happens if my stuff get broken, do you have an insurance?

THE SHIPMENT IS COVERED AT $0.60 PER POUND PER ARTICLE AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Valuation is based on how much each article weighs, for example 10 pound box with books and 10 pound box with gold are valued exactly the same way at $0.60 per pound in state of California. For persons having a high value items additional insurance is recommended, please purchase additional insurance from any of the following companies: LakeLand Insurance (http://www.emoveinsurance.com ), Baker international (http://www.bakerintl.com ) or Moving Insurance (http://www.movinginsurance.com ).